Airmaker Beijing Challenge

AIRmaker Beijing in collaboration with Technology park of Ljubljana, BTC City and JT Business Development invites statups and other companies to participate in the AIRmaker Beijing challenge and make their ideas and solutions a part of the great technology transformation world.

About Airmaker Beijing

AIRmaker Beijing is an open co-innovation platform for start-ups, corporations, VCs and institutions seeking to accelerate innovation and access markets through collaboration. It connects start-ups with two of Asia’s most vibrant and developing innovation ecosystems: Singapore and Beijing.

AIRmaker Beijing is a conduit for start-ups seeking to develop their solutions, launch their ideas and grow worldwide through Asia.

Leveraging the strengths of Airmaker Beijing’s partners’ network, it provides start-ups with product development and production networks, market access and business connections through an extended eco-system.

AIRmaker Beijing is focusing on AI and digital health, collaborates with global partners and aims to build a new ecosystem of innovation and technology transfer.

What Is Airmaker Beijing Challenge?

Do you have an early stage project and need an investment to bring your idea to life? Join the AIRmaker Beijing challenge.
Within 2018 Summer recruitment program AIRmaker Beijing is looking for technology solutions in several fields:

  • industrial optimization based on machine learning, big data and ai
  • 3d/ar/vr human-machine interaction technology
  • high-speed industrial fieldbus
  • micro-core embedded operating system
  • coal mine technology
  • industrial product appearance inspection with machine vision
  • large industrial facilities inspection with uav/robotics and machine vision

If you already have a solution that meets AIRmaker Beijing’s needs and fields of development, but you need some business and financial support to finalize your project to enter the market including one of the biggest markets in the world, the Chinese market, you are in the right phase to join AIRmaker Beijing‘s challenge.

Airmaker Gives You A Lifetime Opportunity

If AIRmaker Beijing finds your project suitable according to their project list and goals, you will be awarded by:

  • investment of 50,000 – 100,000 EUR or more, depending on the project (in case a project needs more funding, PE and VC funding is also available),
  • office in Singapore Beijing or Shenzhen,
  • technology development support,
  • Intellectual Property support,
  • business development, sales, marketing and PR support including strategies,
    specially focused on Chinese and other Asian markets,
  • special trainings and support of how to enter the Chinese market,
  • connections with local and global potential business partners.

How The Challenge Works?

1. Send the presentation

Send us a presentation of the project, which should include the following information or answers to the following questions:

  • 1. Team presentation
  • 2. What problem does your solution solve?
  • 3. How big is your potential market? How does your solution fit the market?
  • 4. Describe the solution
  • 5. Why is it different and better from existing solutions, if any? Who are your competitors?
  • 6. Describe businees model including predictions for the future
  • 7. Basic financial structure
  • 8. Why should your solution be choosen in the AIRmaker challenge?
  • 9. Contacts (contact person, email, mobile phone)

Deadline: send the presentation till Tuesday 15th May 2018 to

2. Pitching in Ljubljana, Slovenia

AIRmaker will review all projects and invite the best ones on one-on-one pitching in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Date: Thursday, 17th May 2018 (the exact hour will be defined later)
Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia

3. Final decision

We will inform all projects participating in one-on-one pitching about their success by email not latest than 15th June 2018.

Get Ready! Bring Your Project To Life And Enter The Global Market

Contacts: JT Business Development, Ms. Maja Tomc, M: +386 41 595 123, E: